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Shop instructions

Need some help with the store?

Step 1.

From the home page on the left hand side of the store you can select products by Categories or Popular Brands

Step 2. 

Choice of options

Now when ever you see any product such as this example product image on the right hand side, you have to click the GREEN Button that says Choose Options.  

Step 3.

As with many products in the store you have to select the size, color or other features you might want for the product. 

Once you have added infomation such as the color you want for this item, then you can add it to your shopping cart

Step 4.

Simply click on the ADD to CART button and the item will appear in your shopping cart 








Step 5.

Shopping Cart

Proceed to checkout or continue shopping, is your next option.

Item 1. Highlighed in Pink Arrow is the estimate the shipping cots.

Click here to estimate the shipping cost. 

Item 2. Proceed to checkout

Highlighted with a Red Arrow is proceed to checkout if your happy with the shopping cart total, then simply click here to go straight to the checkout and pay for your products.

Item 3. Checkout with multiple addresses

Highlighted with the Orange Arrow Lets say you wanted to send one product of the products in your order to a friend, as a gift, and you wanted one of the products shipped to your home address. This is where you can break your shipping locations for your order. *Extra Shipping costs apply for this option. 

Item 4. Checkout with PayPal

Go straight to paypal and pay for the product with your credit card (processed by PayPal) or use your PayPal account to purchase this product.

Still having problems?

Contact us via our contact form for online support.

Alternatively we do take phone orders.

Telephone USA

Jerry or Luana
Telephone: 239-774-3580